Will the bose series 2 music center operate without the acoustimass subwoofer



I have a new surround system using a marantz sr5007 a/v receiver. I want to keep using my Bose system series 30 II musik center purely to operate the stereo speakers in 2 different zones outside using living sources. can I disconnect the bose music center from the acoustimass and then connect the music center to my new living room system. this way I can get rid of the acoustimass sub from my living room.
Since the music center is not powered from the sub your should be able to use it without the subwoofer (or any speakers).
If the 2 different zones are Bose then you have go the way you were thinking since some Bose speakers are 1.2 ohm and cannot be used with systems other than Bose.
If they are not Bose and you are set up in the living room for 5.1 surround sound then you have zone 2 available in the Marantz that will be much more powerful and better sounding than the Bose.
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