Will this be a good laptop for gaming/school?


Jul 19, 2012
Hey guys. I've been looking for a laptop for mid-range gaming for a while and I happened to notice recently that the Lenovo IdeaPad y480 looks like it might be a good fit for what I want, but I have a couple questions about it.

1. Is the newer version (it comes with a 2gb gt 650 now) good for gaming at medium levels? I'd probably be playing DayZ, Total War: Rome 2, Minecraft, and maybe Battlefield 3 as well as possibly some other shooters/action games. Like I said, medium settings is good, and if it's better than medium that's great.

2. Is it good as far as quality? It seems like Lenovo has a pretty good reputation when it comes to this, but I want whatever I buy to last as long as possible. I also know it has a pretty low-end screen, but I don't think that this will really bother me all that much, just so you all know that I know this.

3. Should I buy it now (at $729) because it seems like a pretty good price, or should I wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Does Lenovo normally have good deals around then?

Thanks to anyone who answers in advance, and if you can please respond relatively quickly because I know from experience (I've been looking at their laptops for a while) that prices from Lenovo fluctuate almost constantly.