Will this laptop fill my needs?

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Oct 30, 2016
So I have this gaming desktop (specs at the bottom) and I love it but I need a laptop for schooling,light gaming,video editing, and normal browsing use. I posted my desktop on Craigslist and this guy offered a laptop called a Toshiba P855-S5200 (specs on that at the bottom) the desktop is good for everything above but its obviously lacks with portability. Can this laptop meet my needs by light gaming I mean like csgo low settings I also and getting a elgoto HD will this laptop run this service for the elgoto? The laptops graphics are obviously not that good but want to know if it will meet my needs seeing that the others parts are decent expeaially the cpu. See I'm a youtuber so I would like to have a nice laptop to work with!

Desktop Specs
Motherboard: Asus AM1M-A
RAM: 8Gb Ddr3 (2x4)
PSU: Evga 430W
Hardrive 1: 250Gb
Hardrive 2: 250Gb
Apu: AMD Athlon 5350
Case: White With Blue LED

Laptops Specs
Screen Size: 15.6
SdRam: 8Gb Ddr3 (2x4)
Screen Resolution: 1366x768
CPU: i7 2.3Ghz (Turbo boost to 3.3Ghz)
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Hardrive: 750Gb HDD 5400Rpm