Will this work Pioneer HTP-074 + Polk Audio R50 150-Watt

Paul Andrew

Sep 5, 2016
First time setting up 5.1 speaker/receiver, i bought this Home theater Polk Audio R50 150-Watt and this Polk Audio R50 150-Watt, i wonder if i use the Polk tower speaker as center speaker, will the AV receiver could power up the 150watt tower without any issue.

the Pioneer HTP-074 is included with centre speaker(Small one), just wondering if i could replace it with Polk tower.

does anyone tried this setup?
The receiver will power the speakers. Won't play them as loud as they can play but should be fine.
You could use replace the Pioneer center with a Polk tower but the correct thing to do is get the matching Polk center and use the towers as your front left & right speakers.
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