win 10 help

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Dec 26, 2014
i found out about a promotion that gives u free win 10 if u have win 7/8.

Is that a upgrade or a clean install ( wiping everything out and installing) ?

Reason im asking is im using win 7 crack with win loader 2.1.7. And i have all sorts of junk on my pc. So i want a clean, legit, fresh start for my pc if u know what im talking about
microsoft had a windows 10 showing a week ago look on youtube for it. about 20 min in they said they were going to give windows 10 out for free to windows 7 and eight user.
if you run the windows installer and have an os on your pc it going to do an upgrade of the system.
if you want a clean "legit" rig right now use an eight gig usb stick and micosoft iso to usb program and install windows 10 preview. if you want windows 10 to look like 7 use classic shell.
from a hacked system no. right now if you want a clean unhacked system download the windows preview. at some point microsoft will drop windows 10 retail. at that point testers may be able to upgrade or will have to wipe and restart.
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