Win an XQISIT Bluetooth Headset from Tom’s Guide!

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Oct 7, 2014
Tom's Guide wants you to rock out in style!

Win an XQISIT Bluetooth Headset from Tom’s Guide! : Read more

We got a box in the mail from the people over at mobile accessory maker XQISIT. What was inside?

We’re glad you asked: Five of their LZ380 Wireless Headsets for us to give to you, the Tom’s Guide community!

Here's a quick contest to enter to win. No one is selling you anything; we're just giving away these headphones. Just follow these steps:

1. Show us the first album you're going to listen to with these headphones in the comments, whether it's a physical album or something in your media library. Have Tom's Guide somewhere in the picture!

We like Imgur for image hosting, but you can use whatever you like.

2. On Friday, February 6, we'll pick five (5) users who posted a picture of their album at random. If necessary, we will pick backup winners. Headphone colors will be distributed randomly.

3. We'll contact the winners via private message so we can get shipping details to mail out our prizes, so keep checking in to Tom's Guide!

This contest is open only to registered users in the United States. One entry per participant.

Ready, set, post!

— The Tom’s Guide Community Team

NOTE: This thread is now closed to entries. We will be putting qualifying entries into a randomizer and contacting the winners via private message.

Congratulations to fkamogee, cw68, StuSteene, and fonhop for winning! We're still waiting for one entrant to claim their prize. If they don't accept by our deadline, we will pick a new winner from our randomized list.


Jan 30, 2015

John legend's Love In the Future Album
I'm Kevin, the community assistant around here, and I've noticed the trend of comments from UK and other international residents on our contests, some of which we've had to delete. They basically all say the same thing, so I'm here to try to explain the situation to you. Those of you from the UK, I'm not sure if you've realized this yet, but the and are literal mirrors of the U.S. sites. The reason you see these U.S. giveaways is not because we advertise to other countries' feeds, it's because the site you are on is in fact the U.S. site. The same goes for a number of other countries (Australia and India come to mind). Believe me, we aren't trying to taunt anybody.

In addition, there are two reasons these contests are only open to U.S. residents. The first is a legal matter; each country has a different set of laws and procedures regarding contest prizes and promotional media, and we simply don't have the legal resources to navigate all of that when an international contest could potentially have winners from any number of countries. The second is the prohibitive cost of shipping. We held an international contest a few months ago, and prize fulfillment was a headache. The cost to ship all those prizes ended up being more than the prizes themselves were worth, and only half of it went international.

We're sorry that this upsets people, but we simply don't have the budget to be doing that. We've tried explaining this many times, but it seems people just don't want to listen. At the risk of sounding rude, we're also not obligated in any way to make these contests available internationally, especially when insults and threats are thrown our way (we've received more than a few). Stop with that misguided sense of entitlement. We're just trying to give away some free swag, we don't need all the negativity thrown our way.
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