Question Win10PC -> Receiver -> TV issue

Sep 12, 2021
Hello all, there is a similar thread from 2 years ago, but thought I'd ask a new one.

My setup has always been a PC hdmit out to a Samsung receiver, then hdmi out from the receiver to television. In this setup, I can see Samsung as my audio device in Windows. The receiver puts out 5.1 surround while at the same time the tv outputs via speakers. I usually turn down the tv speakers or turn them off if the option exists.

So I splurged and upgraded to the lg g7 gallery. Using the exact same setup as above, with 2.0 hdmit cables, I get video, but no audio. None through the tv speakers, nothing coming out of the Samsung receiver. I messed around with the various hdmit settings, turning off things like anynet, etc. Rebooting all devices on different order. When I check my audio device options in Windows, it only shows the LG tv as an option.

As a test, I swapped out the TV's for the old one and no problem.

So then I tried the same set up with the LG and a different desktop PC...the issue happens again.

So...I dunno. so at the moment, what I've had to do to get any sound from the PC is to hook it direct to the lg, then use the LG optical out into the Samsung receiver. The problem then is no 5.1! So confused as to why neither method is working right.

Might be thinking it's BOTH pcs with maybe outdated hdmi ports? The main one can only do 4k @ 29hz even though it has Intel 610 UHD chip.

At some point I was going to ditch the HTPC and build out a gaming PC, bit not so sure if I can't figure out the surround sound. May try to consider building a PC with multiple outs so I can send audio to receiver and video to tv.

Edit:. Meant to mention, on the same Samsung receiver is an Xbox one and Nintendo Switch. Both output surround audio when the receiver is connected to the lg, they are working as expected. It is only when I try a windows desktop I don't get the audio.
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Sep 6, 2020
May well be a driver issue needing the proper format. BUT more likely below.
Check your audio icon on bottom right, and click on it. (a speaker) Above is the volume line,
above that is the choice of audio sources. Click above to see what audio output options you have. I have just recently had to do the same, to choose the correct audio source. There is a damn good chance that's all you need to do.
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