Question Windows 10 clean install on my Satellite S55t-A left her missing her toshiba drivers, she’s naked! We need help?

Dec 18, 2020
So my old gal is going through it, I had to flash her BIOS and boy we we’re scared cause she couldn’t make it through 5min without freezing and having to be forcefully shut down just to wake her back up. It was just tiresome, to say the least. So the BIOS went off with a hitch, just beautiful. Next up to bat the clean install, no worries I’ve done that before but no not this time it just kept cycling back to the start we did that 4x’s then I got off that merry go round, decided to let it be what it was. Booted it up and it’s running great better than ever, upgraded it to windows pro doing fine so I thought I just want to test my luck and add the toshiba drivers, like the function key so I can oh my fucking god I dunno get to boot mode or safe mode ya know? But I have never installed drivers from the basement up, is there any method to the madness, like a who goes 1st and what not? I’ve come so far with my old gal, it’ll be a shame to kill her now.... this is my 1st pc I’m doing by myself can’t afford to buy another nor pay for repairs hell where I live no one would even bother with it because it’s too old and going to break anyway! So any help, I would appreciate it.... my apologies novellas are kinda my curse🙃🤪😘


Go to Toshiba's web site, find your model, start with the chipset drivers, Ethernet/wireless, video, audio, maybe USB, there may be others for keyboard (function keys). Those systems have a lot of different options though, would take a long time to go through them to see what you need.

If you don't have any errors in Device Manager for things not installed and you don't see any issues, you may just want to leave it running as is.
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