Question Windows 10 Laptop not detecting headset mic =

Nov 13, 2020
I've had my Window 10 laptop for a long time and have always used a Turtle Beach PS4 headset. My laptop has headset jack and a mic jack. a I would plug the cable of the headset into the headset jack and the headset would be connected for input and playback. I recently bought a new Corsair HS35 stereo headset and have been having issues. Firstly, when I plug it into the headset jack, the computer doesn't recognize it as an audio device in the sound menus even though it does play audio out of the headset (my old headset did show up as a separate device in the menus). I can plug the new headset into the headset jack and the audio will come out of the headset, but the computer will use the laptop's built in mic and not the headset one. When I plug into the mic jack, the computer uses the headset mic but plays audio out of the laptop.

Since the headset doesn't show up as a device I can't access the properties or anything. Anyone know how to fix this?
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