Windows 10 laptop very slow! Please help!


Jul 10, 2016
Hello! My brother's dell insperion laptop(i3 cpu and 6 gb of ram) is running very slow and I don't know why! So he uses the laptop to watch youtube and play minecraft... The os is completely fresh. The problems I'm having are:
1. Windows file explorer is very (very) slow. When I click the file explorer icon on the taskbar, quick access will show up and say "working on it" and takes like 5 min to load! The same goes for every other folder/file!
2. Minecraft runs very slow after running it for a min. So when i launch minecraft, i would get like 200fps at first, but then after 1 min of playing, the fps would go down to a unacceptable 0-50 fps! And when i close minecraft, the whole computer would run slow and laggy until i put it to sleep and wake it or restart it.
3. When i click on the start menu, 4 apps would say "a great app is comming" and it has been there for a week! I used windows store to see the downloads and updates and everything is downloaded and updated but the start menu still says that! :0

So why is it doing this? Could it be a driver issue? Do i need to flash the bios? I'm using the drivers that came with the laptop. Could the settings in the bios be doing this? Im sure that there aren't any viruses on this computer since it was just reseted last week and ive only download chrome and minecraft(real minecraft, not cracked). Ive reset this this computer 3 times. When i first got it, it was fast until my sister downloaded a bunch of crap on it.
The laptop has a 5000 something u i3 cpu, 6gb of ram, and 1tb hhd.
Is there now way that i can fix this? Right now the computer is like unusable...and i really dont wanna waste money to buy a new laptop since this laptop is perfect for my brother's needs.
P.s. sorry if this is confusing
Thanks for reading and replying!! ;)
No. :) As it could be the hard drive, or it could be something else. It could also be multiple things. Before I would replace a drive though I would try running some programs to check and clear up the drive. Your computer comes with one actually. chkdsk which is run from the command prompt.
When was the last time the system was cleaned up? And when was the last time it was checked for malware and viruses? All of these can slow a computer down a lot.

Also, if there are a lot of programs running in the background, that don't need to be, that will add to it. Then there is the browser cache, history and cookies. Those can add up really fast.

Cleaning up all that should help.

If none of this does it, the only other thing I can think is that the hard drive may need to be checked for problems.


Jul 10, 2016
I tried everything and cleaned every thing but it's still slow! ;( and hard drive isn't supposed to affect gaming performance right?
Thanks for the reply!
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