Windows 7 Freezes when connected to specific network (wireless)

Canadian Fenix

Jan 22, 2015
This problem has been a troubleshooting nightmare. I've narrowed down the scenario that causes my "Freeze / Lockup" but don't know how to fix it.

First of all the lockup makes the computer completely unresponsive and Ctrl + Alt + Del does nothing. Id like to explain a little about how I came to the conclusion that this is a network issue that only affects the PC when connected to a specific wireless network.

1. Sometime in November of 2015 my pc started to freeze, on each reset it would not last more than 30 minutes (5-10 on average).

2. I took it to my local computer shop, they hooked it up to their network and could not duplicate the problem.

3. We found some faulty ram and changed the hard drive for good measure, they thought the power supply or mother board could be the issue but suggested an EMF filter on my outlet to "clean up" the power.

4. upon receiving the computer and installing an EMF filter it worked! no lock ups however i quickly realized that i was connected to my network with "limited access"

5. It took me 2 days to find out what the problem was but after much research and finding this link :

I was able to go into the registry and fix my connectivity issue.

6. immediately after connecting to the network the PC froze.

I am using the same PC on a different wireless network to post this question. I have done a clean boot to diagnose other issues however i do not need a clean boot if i don't connect to the problem network then it doesn't freeze up.

Im hoping someone can help, i'm not interested in replacing my router because it connects to other wireless devices just fine and it is fairly new but worked well for months before this issue presented itself.

any help would be appreciated.