Windows 7-opening programs take forever


Jun 19, 2014
Hello guys I got a back upp 500 gb HDD on. Deck. Rightand. I.just reformatted :/ but the problem is that the files take forever to open like 5 mins… it has a lot of freezes.. My pc specs are Core2Duo e8400@3.0ghz 4gb Ram Gtx 560ti 448 graphic. Card 500 watt psu with 3 12 volt rails @20 amps
Please help do u think its. Rams fault. Or hdd's?
It all started. From my psu dieing I had a left over 1 and I put this 500 watt with 3 12v@20 amp rails.. I had a 1tb hdd and it started to show some errors onwindows that it was goin to not work. Anymore and that I must consder on backing up: / I swapped the hdd. Until the windows wouldnt start it would stop at windows. Logo and. Not go. Any further.
I swapped hdd. And I formatted. The disk with windows 7 and it. Was fine. Until it first botted up on desktop and I noticed. Freezes… im getting really annoyed from the lags and freezes :/ Please help!!