Wireless 7.1 headphones 3.5mm jacks


Jan 18, 2016
My current headset is dying, I'm looking into buying another one. I'd like it to be 7.1 surround sound, use the 3.5 mm jacks, be wireless, and if possible, be rechargeable while using them.

One I found is the Razer Tiamat 7.1, but as I said, I want it wireless.

the reason for the 3.5 mm jacks is so I can use the studio mix to duplicate the audio from the headphones to the tv so I don't need to change audio devices when I want to use the computer while in bed or something.

Price range is anything under $300 or so.

Any assistance would be awesome!
There are no headsets that meets your required specs as far as I'm concerned. Surround sound would be done via RF, BT or a USB cable. A single 3.5mm cable is stereo only. What you could do is buy a Toslink (Optical) to Bluetooth transmitter, which will send the TV audio to a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. However, if the headphones don't have aptX, as well as the transmitter, there may be some noticeable delay between audio and video. Hopefully someone else can come in and tell you if there are any other options.

All the best!


Jan 18, 2016
The headphones I linked to are 7.1 and use the 3.5mm jacks, they just aren't wireless... They use 5 of the jacks, but that's just fine with me...

also, optical wouldn't work, it needs to work with both my desktop and laptop (for when i'm not home)

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