Question wireless charging


Dec 11, 2014
Iphone 11
cokoeye wireless pad / fast charger 3.0 power adapter
A couple days ago it quit charging on the pad
When you unplug the adapter the pad flashes green led then goes to red as normal but will not charge the phone as it has been doing flawlessly up to this point and quickly I might add as it should
I can plug in a cable and the phone will charge, though it seems slower
I thought i had a spare fast charger 3.0/ cokoeye pad but cannot locate either to facilitate testing to determine if either component has went bad
I have reset phone several times but it still only charges on the cable
is there a way to determine if the wireless charging on the phone has failed before I purchase another fast charger and or wireless pad?
Since the phone charges slower on the cable is that a normal default even on the fast charger adapter or could it be a clue that the adapter has partially failed and simply wont supply the needed current for the wireless pad?
the wireless pad manual only says try without the case, which should be a non issue as it worked perfectly prior to two days ago, and I did try it sans case, just to check.

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