Wireless for TV and Stereo system


Apr 2, 2017
I currently have huge speakers with a hookup to my TV and Stereo in my living room. Due to space, we want to get 2-3 wireless speakers that will work with both. Went to Best Buy and they recommended only the Sonos system at about $2000. Yikes! I not especially tech savvy so bare with me. Can you help?
Why do you want 2-3 wireless speakers for the same room? Do you want surround sound?
Single bluetooth wireless speakers each play mono so you won't get stereo or surround sound that way.
The Sonos or Heos systems both support stereo and surround sound with wireless rears and subs. You can start with their soundbars. Add the subs and rears when you can.
If space is the issue just get two smaller speakers and use them with your stereo.
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