Wireless Headphones with independent volume control


Jul 7, 2017
I am looking for a pair of over-the-ear wireless headphones with independent volume control for each ear.
I prefer ones that are noise cancelling but this is not required. Also, I need them to be compatible with my
PS3 and iPad Pro. Thank you for the help!
"Wireless headphones" come in several fashions:
- old-school infra-red or RF transmitter connected to the source, with corresponding (proprietary) headphones;
- bluetooth headphones relying on Bluetooth technology available in (almost) all phones, tablets, laptops.

iPad requirement almost excludes first option. I don't know whether PS3 has Bluetooth transmitter built-in, however, so you might need to buy additional BT transmitter, and connect it to audio-output of PS3.

As for separate volume controls of left / right (or balance) built into the headphones - I don't think such a beast exists.

You might be able to build custom (bulky) solution consisting of BT receiver, headphones amp (with L/R control), and wired headphones.
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