Wireless surround sound headphone purchase and setuphelp

Godhand Phemto

May 9, 2011
Hello Everybody,

I have 2 issues that im hoping the experts on this site may be able to help me with. I'm currently looking into buying a pair of wireless headphones with surround sound technology such as Dolby Headphone Technology but im unable to decide which pair to buy. My top choices are "Ear Force PX5","Pioneer SE-DIR800C"or the "Sennheiser RS 180".

Intended Use: I plan to use these primarily for playing Video games and watching movies late at night.

I am currently leaning towards the PX5's because they have a built in mic for game chat and the others don't, however that's not the main deciding factor so any opinion or info on which one to get would be great; also im open to other suggestions as long as they have some sort of built in surround sound system.

Current Home entertainment setup: 42 in Sony Bravia tv (Model: KDL-42V4100), WD TV LIVE box, Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii.

Now for the second part of my dilemma. If I were to get any of these headphones I have no idea how these would actually connect to the TV.
* Would I need to buy some sort of extra audio receiver or does it come with everything it needs out of the box?
* Will I be able to use the headphones with all the devices without having to connect and reconnect cables all the time or will I need to switch out the cables each time I use a different system?

Im a total noob when it comes to this sort of stuff so if anyone has had any experience with this or just generally knows how this works I would greatly appreciate it.