Wireless surround speakers for Yamaha TSR-5830


Jan 27, 2018
Hi, all, I'm looking to upgrade my home theatre to 5.1 (currently 3.1) but due to the home layout, I cannot use wires for my rear speakers (18' ceiling and tile flooring... joy). My old Yamaha receiver will not output to wireless rear speakers, but I'm hoping this model will (TSR-5830) as Costco currently has a very good price on it.

I can't find, however, any review/specs that specifically list that this amp will output to wireless surround speakers. Does anyone know if this'll work, and if so, which speakers I need for the rear (music cast? Bluetooth?)? I don't need crazy expensive rear speakers, just something to get that little extra rear sound for watching movies.

Thanks for any help here!

That receiver won't be any different than your old one in respect to using wireless rears.
You need something like this
which wlll work with any receiver and any passive speakers. You don't want to use bluetooth since the delays will throw off the surround timing.
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