Wireless Video Streaming: The Miracast & WiDi Disaster

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Aug 20, 2011
After having experienced how nice it is for my devices to work together in the Apple ecosystem, I don't miss the 'openness' of the PC industry.

It is a shame, but so many products are shipped broken and expected to be fixed with updates by the end consumer. And of course once it's shipped and sold, there is little reason to actually support the product. After all, as a company you can always point the finger to the other guy and play the blame game. When you buy Apple, there's only one number to call.

If I buy something and it doesn't work out of the box, I return it so that the company takes the hit for selling something that doesn't work. It's the only incentive for them to improve. More consumers should do the same.

In the quest to constantly have something new and exciting, there is a lot of unfinished products sitting on store shelves.

Kennon Gilson

Aug 4, 2014
"embraced the anarchic libertarian ideas posited by Ayn Rand and her ilk,.."

This is a pretty strange comment, even bigoted. Rand was an advocate of Liberal Democracy. She separated her ideas from both Libertarianism and anarchism. Anarchism is an application of Libertarianism, one of many. See http://www.libertarianinternational.org for what Libertarians actually care about and do.
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