Wireless vs Wired Over ear headphones for PC?


Dec 25, 2013
Hey guys so I think i know the answer already but i need to ask to be sure...

I am looking for a decent pair of over the ear headphones for my pc for gaming purposes... and I am looking for open headphones not closed.

I am getting an MSI Z97m gaming motherboard with "Audio Boost2" technology on the mobo already so plugging in a set of headphones would make it sound better than using a mobo without any audio help i guess.

I am trying to figure out if i get a wireless or bluetooth headset... I would expect to get 0 advantages from the onboard audio technology? I am thinking this because likely to be going through a bluetooth or wireless dongle I dont see how that would benefit over a wired set up.

Noobish question but just trying to understand
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