Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Oct 11, 2014
Hi all, I'm a business exec that started a 50% travel job (2 weeks home, 2 weeks on the road). Since starting, my gaming habit has come back after being dormant for around 5 years.

I need a gaming laptop with a top end graphics card but it needs to keep a classy business/neutral look.

My company won't let me get Alienware or ASUS ROG as "it looks childish" and they turned down Lenovo and Sager as "it makes the company look cheap" (their words).

Meetings I attend are dominated by Macs and then top end ultra books. All very conservative but beautifully crafted machines that don't have game.

Does anyone know of a gaming laptop that will not be out of place in this situation and still run Crysis for me back at the hotel?

Obviously 17" is too conspicuous so 15.6" and smaller. My budget is $3k - $3.5k.

Hmm, I know what you mean, since I actually don't like all the flashy stuff in most gaming laptops.

Anyways, how about the GS70 Ghost from MSI? They even have a gold edition.

Origin pc also makes some great laptops and looks normal (unless you custom paint it).



I have an Alienware laptop myself and I would advise that you push that a bit more. However, if the answer is a firm "no" then I recommend checking out some of the high-end options from Dell's Precision lineup.