Wolfenstein: The New Order - Read This Before Playing

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Oct 5, 2007

It is strange that Steam did not compress it but the game size makes sense. There is 33GB in the "virtualtextures" folder alone meaning it most likely is due to the Megatextures id Tech 5 uses, which also supports up to 128,000x128,000 size textures while most game engines support up to 4096x4096.


Feb 3, 2014
Wolfenstien Enemy Territory is still available, and has a decent player base. Still. For a 11 year old multiplayer fps this should tell you something. Punkbuster has since dropped support for the game, but you're still able to authenticate new clients with them manually, and a bit of googling.


The title seems to have an unfairly high opinion of the following article.


Sep 3, 2013
The best part of the game? The nightmare dream sequence. That part is too short unfortunately. Would have loved a few levels to run around in.


May 22, 2014
A pretty well written article, though the title is indeed stupid. Appreciate the insight into the franchise's history though, a nice bit of info for those unfamiliar with the series. I'd thought it started with 3D, truth be told.

The huge download for New Order was a pisstake, no doubt.
Not open for further replies.
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