Solved! Wondering if I can upgrade parts instead of getting a new laptop


Jan 23, 2012
Would appreciate some help on this - I really don't want to buy a new laptop, soI was hoping there was something on here that would be cheaper, but a boost to it because the speed has started to slow drastically now and it's frustrating. The laptop is mostly used for work, occasionally running multiple high process programs and Android emulators, but this thing doesn't need to be godly, just able to run smoothly - I already have a wonderful PC for when i'm at home. I assume a laptop is slightly like a desktop when it comes to replacing parts, but I've never done it before. Worst case if the parts required to boost thing are too expensive then I guess i'd eventually need to buy a new one - This one was fairly cheap to begin with.

Thanks in advance for an advice/help!

Laptop Specs:

Aspire E5-575G Signature Edition
Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i5-6200U CPU @2.30GHz 2.4 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
Kingston RBU-SNS8152S3 - 256GB SSD M.2 Solid State Drive 2280 6gb/s SATA 3 NGFF


Oct 9, 2006
Why has your laptop started to slow down?
Possibly it is throttling and needs the cooling system cleaned our or the thermal paste replaced.

Possibly you have some malware.

Check that windows maintenance is scheduled at off hours so it does not interfere.

But, the only real solution to a shortage of ram is more ram.
Go to a web site like Kingston or crucial.
Find their ram upgrade app.
Enter the make/model of your laptop and you will get a list of supported ram upgrades.


Jan 3, 2019
If its running slow with an ssd in, then more likely software issue, have you reset back to factory, or reinstalled windows.

In laptops you can only usually replace hard drive and ram, but not always ram.
You can try running disk clean-up twice, 2nd time click clean system files, but both times check every box and click ok to begin, go from there.
That puppy looks pretty decent to me. Look for page fault, getting a lot, u need more ram. Fan getting kind of loud all the time? may benefit from a fan/paste vacuum tune-up. Reset Windows to virgin? I assume every Windows user knows this.
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