Won't turn on


Jul 25, 2012

Should fix. Will come on.
A question with no details begets an answer with fewer still.

Why would anyone help you when you cannot even be bothered to describe your problem in anything approaching comprehensibility? Why would you expect that anyone would spend their valuable time when you cannot be bothered?

I won't fault someone for not knowing intimates - if they did, they wouldn't need to ask. However, even the simplest human should be able to figure out that this sort of question is absolutely useless and would obviously not contain anywhere near enough information to work with.

So your laptop won't turn on? Did you run it over a car? Overclock it? Dejectedly drop it in a bathtub and it shorted? These would obviously have bearing on what the solution is, and yet you do not provide even the slightest detail.

If I'm ranting, I'm not sorry. People constantly come on to this board and contemptuously ask questions that are ill-formed beyond a simple language barrier and so little effort - yet often require extensive help fixing their problems, which they feel entitled to extract from people. Stop it. Ask a proper question, get a proper answer - but nobody should be expected to take garbage and turn it into gold when you can't be bothered to do even the rudiments. People here work for free (perhaps the problem - if the price were higher, perhaps you'd be a little less careless about wasting others' time), but they don't work for the lazy.