Worth it to upgrade my tv?


Jul 24, 2016
Hey all, I hope this is the right forum.

Right now I got a 1080p Vizio. It is 60hz and the contrast ratio is 20,000:1.

I'm thinking about upgrading. I feel like I could be getting a better quality image. Even if it is just upscaling my Xbox/tv box.

I am considering getting a 49in Samsung 4k with 120hz.

My question is, how big of a gap do you think the image quality will be? This tv is kinda old.

I just don't want to dump $700 and be disappointed.

Upscaling doesn't always work and it may make your 1080 look worse.

You should simply look at the posts "4k or not" or "4k or 1080" with in the last year and see the thousand of posts already here.