Would 2 accounts on Google Photos explain THIS "disappearance" of photos and videos?

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Apr 13, 2017
I don't know if I've had TWO Google Photos accounts, or how many, as I had ATT "backup" all photos and videos to "Google Photos" starting years ago, but the phone/s have been through 1 or more "resets"... (and possibly new Google Photos accounts? ) Google seemingly doesn't give out any phone number, and I've had no reply to a few emails to "google photos" , so far.

I have had an android phone the past two years. Lately, it has seemingly died, and after a week of sputtering, it seems no longer rechargeable. In the past week of sporadic usefulness, I bought a new android phone. When we checked a transfer of my photos and videos, however, there was a couple year's worth of photos missing, and all of about 200+ short video bits , all missing from "Google Photos" seemingly, via the new phone, but all of which were still visibile in the old phone's gallery.

However, what is REALLY inexplicable to me is that all that missing material was ALSO visible, seemingly "there", when I clicked into the Google Photos app on that old/dying phone, seemingly well-"saved" within Google Photos (as accessed on the old phone).
But the very same 2 years of photos and videos were MISSING when I look in the Google Photos app via any other device, including another phone, a "tablet", and a desktop computer. So it seems "there" in Google Photos via my old/dying/dead phone, but "NOT there" via Google Photos on any OTHER viewing device. So, I'm wondering, is it plausible that I have ANOTHER Google Photos account, accessible ONLY by my dying/dead phone? I'm wondering if there is any way to "access" these "missing" videos and photos(now that my old phone has just seemingly "died" altogether) that were supposedly automatically backed-up in Google Photos over the years, but now NOT visible on any device other than that old/dying/dead phone?
Thanks for any insights or theories or answers on this. It would, of course, be a great relief to be able to access the missing photos and videos by an alternative device (other than the dying/dead old phone). And to know the material is indeed "saved" in Google Photos SOMEWHERE accessible.

Thanks for any insights or theories or answers on this.
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