Would installing a HT Receiever fix audio lag from computer to tv?


Oct 28, 2010
I've noticed a slight audio lag when I connect my computer to my TV. I've confirmed its from the TV and not the computer or connections. Since there doesn't seem to be any firmware updates to fix the problem would installing a audio reciever fix the problem? If you need technical info I have a Sylvania LC370ss9 TV my computer is an HP a6130n I have a Sapphire Radeon 6570 card and its all hooked up through HDMI.


Oct 15, 2007
you need something to retard the video.
nothing is going to make the audio go any faster, unless the video card is the reason why the audio was lagging.
i havent heard of any such problem.. but you might visit some other forum that talks about video cards, maybe you find somebody else who has the same problem and you can get a new video card.

the receiver will work like this..
if you tell it to retard the audio, then the audio will be slowed down.
if you tell the receiver to play the audio faster, then the video will be slowed down.

since the video is digital.. it should be nothing more than storing the digital data into a buffer (a piece of memory).
as the data spills into the buffer frame by frame, it will slow down the time it takes for the video to be output.
how much slow down you need will determine how many frames go into the buffer.
that means the memory chip could be quite large.

so if you find a receiver that says it will adjust the audio forwards and backwards.. look to see if there is other video processing going on.
it would probably have a sticker or say something about it in the list of features.
the extra video processing is going to require a stronger processor that puts the digital video data into the buffer.
and all in all.. it is going to make the receiver more expensive (or the audio quality is going to be really bad)

receivers wont sell if they dont sound better than 'something else'
so i would expect the price of the receiver to jump before they start to sacrifice the audio quality.
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