Question Wrong BIOS in Asus K556UQ-DM1024T i7 ?

Apr 4, 2019
I have aquired an Asus K556UQ-DM1024T i7 which exhibits some strange problems.

The hard drive is intermittently visible to BIOS, and sound hardware intermittently works when the machine does successfully boot.

The BIOS in the machine is X556UQK v3.15 , A bios that i not available on the Asus website (slightly odd).

The versions available on the Asus site are :-
X556UQ v3.13
X556UQK v3.14

So I'm wondering if the wrong variant of the BIOS was flashed onto this system (as it's running UQK BIOS, and not UQ, UQ being the specific model number of the machine)

Could anyone who owns this machine comment on the version their machine is running ?
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If the laptop is using a version of BIOS not offered by the manufacturer, then someone intentionally put it on there. People will often think they can get 'more' out of a laptop just by changing the BIOS.

I would seriously consider actually getting the older version. However, that is no guaranty that it will resolve all the problems. It sounds like there may be more going on there. I would start with the 3.13 version and see if that resolves it.
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