XBox 360 stopped communicating with TV via HDMI cable


Nov 22, 2012
My Xbox 360 has always been connected to my Sanyo TV with HDMI cables and has always worked perfectly. I had a movie on my laptop that we wanted to watch on the TV. I hooked my laptop up via the same HDMI cable to the same TV through the same HDMI port. I had to temporarily change the audio device used to hear the audio through the TV. After the movie, I hooked the Xbox 360 back up and now I do not receive any audio or video on the screen. The Xbox 360 works on my other TV, Sharp, with both of the cables I have, and i do get video/audio with the cables and the laptop via every port on the Sanyo. The best I can tell is that there is a communication issue between the Xbox 360 and the Sanyo possibly as a result of the Windows 8.1 and an update or reconfiguration to the TV. I have reset my TV and the Xbox. Any suggestions?