Apr 29, 2012
First I don't know if this a right category so for mod feel free to move it to appropriate one :bounce:

As For Today my Yahoo Mail. cannot compose message/email, replay/forward. or attach attachment..

The Box/panel for typing simply become unresponsive, any key i tried to text nothing happen... :cry:

It not an browser issue, since i tried other browser it same, try another web/email it's works fine...

Are anyone having same issue? or had solution for it?
for now I'm replying/compose using my secondary email.

If there any yahoo employee here, please give any suggestion since yahoo is my primary email...

edit: btw my email "at" @ymail.com for information


Mar 4, 2011
I ran into the same problem when Yahoo switched me to the new Yahoo Mail. I changed a few months ago to the Chrome browser for my Win7, 64-bit Dell laptop, after using Firefox, Dragon, SR Iron, and some other browsers.

It seems, for me, the Chrome browser just doesn't work with Yahoo Mail's new "Compose". You cannot input any contacts in the "TO" or "CC" boxes. I could not find any email address for Yahoo Support. They have removed the link from their website.

My solution was to send all my Yahoo Mail to my Gmail account. Google's email and browser seem to work well together and, although Google Mail plans to require their customers to use their new email "Compose" component, I don't think there will be a problem if you use Chrome.

And, since Chrome has flash already built in, you will only need the Adobe Flash Player with Internet Explorer, or some other non-Chrome browser to play videos.