Yamaha Audiogram 6/Cubase 5 AI Problems


Oct 9, 2009
Hi all,
A little while ago I bought the Yamaha Audiogram 6, when I got it I was told that it would allow me to record four separate tracks in parallel, two mono tracks and two stereo tracks. I take said item home load it up on my PC (runs win7 x64 if this helps), install cubase and register it, not as bad as everybody says :) Go to band recording the next day, plug in guitar, vox, bass and synth, using one of the stereo track for the bass except without the second input. I then create 4 separate tracks 3 mono and 1 stereo; but no dice all tracks get mushed into one :( can anyone help, I've been fighting with Cubase and the Audiogram for the best part of 2 months :fou: to try and get it to work but I can't, anyone with any knowledge please help

thanks :D


Jan 11, 2013

Same problem here. I hope We made the mistake, Audigram sends a single mixed signal only. It just dont send separate channel wise data to the DAW. I also trie searching Net , google and youtube but failed all together. Unlike Audiogram, M Audio fast track clearly mentions 4in/4 out or 6in/4 out , but Yamaha didnt mention and we got fooled. Wastage of money!!
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