Question Yamaha rx v675 to Toshiba FireTV

Jun 17, 2020
I need some help. I'm running a Yamaha rx v675 Receiver and trying to connect my AVR to my Toshiba FireTV with about 50 foot of high speed, 18GPS HDMI. I run HDMI ARC Output to HDMI Input 1 (ARC) on the Fire TV. Sometimes it picks up the receiver sometimes it does not (more often not). I even disassembled everything and tried to move the receiver closer. Ran similar set up with 15 foot, high speed, HDMI. It worked again briefly, but then crapped out.

The times when the receiver is getting picked up, I try to connect my multimedia player, Roku, PS4 pro, to HDMI 1 and no luck. The Toshiba reads unable to pick up single. The new AV world with 4K and HDR, HDMI 1.4, 2.0, 2.2 has got my head spinning. Things used to be simpler.

My questions:
  1. Is there any way that the HDMI ports on the Toshiba are just weak HDMI ports? When I plug anything directly into them from less than 6 feet away everything is fine. Anything further seems problematic.
  2. Could it be the single coming from Yamaha is 1080p and it just can't interface with 4K TV?
Thanks for any help.
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