Yamaha RX-V683 + firestick

Jan 19, 2019
Just hooked up the Yamaha receiver into Samsung SmartTV 75U6100 and have a few peculiarities I wasn't expecting:
The V683 is supposed to have passthru, so I plug the firestickk4K and it works fine while the receiver is on, but nothing when it shuts off. Is passthrough an option that has to be turned on?
BTW, the full manual does not search for "passthrough" or "Alexa", but both are advertised.
Yes, the UHD player passes through when receiver is off.

If running a Samsung 4K UHD player with audio CD through receiver, I can't shut down the HDTV to just listen to the music, even if I set the receiver HDMI to off....the no signal screen comes on the TV, BUT turn off the TV and the music stops, probably because the player turns off from the TV remote? work around?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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