Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar - picture but no audio when connecting to PC GTX 970 via HDMI


Jun 19, 2016
Hi there,

This has had me stumped for hours now.

I've got my PC (GTX 970 card, so HDMI output) in the living room, alongside my PS4. I've just got a Yamaha YSP-2200 which I've connected to my new TV (Sony KDL48W705C). The PS4 is connecting via the Yamaha fine and the surround sound audio works well. But, connecting the PC via the Yamaha, I can only get a picture from the PC, not the audio. If I connect the PC HDMI straight to the TV, I get both audio and picture.

Connections as follows:

From the TV:
HDMI cable (ARC port) ---> Yamaha (ARC port)

From the Yamaha:
HDMI cable ---> PS4
HDMI cable ---> HDMI port on GTX 970 (not the motherboard)

What has me stumped is why the PS4 works like this, but the PC doesn't? I've gone into Playback Devices on my PC and it sees SONY-TV4 (Nvidia High Definition Audio), but doing a test results in no sound. I've been through the menus on the Yamaha and my TV, looking for some kind of incorrect audio setting, but I can't see one... I could well be missing something though. As I say, I'm a bit stumped why it's working for the PS4 and not the PC.

Help much appreciated!

PS: I can't see an optical audio on my motherboard (Z170M Pro4S), so sending that straight to the soundbar is not an option unfortunately :/. Needs to be done by HDMI as far as I can tell.