Yellow color issue with Polaroid Chromecast TV


Oct 25, 2014
I've been a huge fan of chromecast since it came out, and my last LED TV's backlight died (over 4 years old), so when I saw this tv on sale I bought it right away ( The price of a 4k chromecast already covers half the TV price and with it built in, it has extra benefits like having only one volume to change, no separate cables, etc...I got it started watching things on netflix and youtube and the picture was clear but I was getting a weird vibe from the colors. Naturally, I assumed I just needed to get used to the colors of a new TV.

But then I watched a clip from the simpsons, and I was shocked. The characters normally have a buttery yellow color, but on my TV appeared like a dark mustard-y, olive tone. I tried connected my gaming PC and same result over hdmi. Anything yellow, like part of the chrome icon or one of the letters on the google site is this dark, alien-ish olive tone brown mustard.

I first tried the picture setting menu and the setting for tint was set to 50 but doesn't let you change it. The other settings like color, contrast, temperature, didn't do much to change the yellow. So I called Polaroid and asked if they can help me change the hue/tint. The person on the phone said I wasn't allowed to change it (lol wtf? It's my TV! I bought it!) My only options from them were to bring it back to Target or warranty service. Both those options suck because I don't have the original box and I don't wanna pay to ship this TV, not have a TV for the month it takes them to receive it and return it just to change a setting. She refused to tell me how to access the service menu no matter what I said.

So I started looking up how to access the service menu so I can just solve this nonsense. There's almost nothing on this brand of TV. After some trail and error, I was able to get the service menu by opening the Source menu on the TV then pressing 2580. Here, I changed the tint option, and it didn't do anything. SO i started looking at the much more complicated menu items and found the "Non-Linear" settings. There it had separate saturation and hue menus with a 0,25,50,75,100 setting. And those levels can range from 0-255. Changing those menus, particularly on the 50 level made a big difference (because it's set to 50 for the tint in the settings I guess). But I couldn't manage to get the yellow to show correctly without ruining every other color on the screen. There's another menu that has red, blue, green gain and offset but didn't get anything close to what I wanted fiddling with them.

Any advise or help? I started thinking I should check the ribbon connectors of the motherboard?

Thank you for reading all of that!



I'd return the TV and get a better brand. Polaroid, RCA, Nakamichi, some other well known brand names were bought by low quality electronics companies just for the name. They have weak support, are not very reliable and lack a lot of features that should be standard, and the stuff they do have is done using cheap components.

230 for a new 43" 4k TV, no way is it anything that is good or even OK quality. Better off getting a used TV off craigslist from a known good brand.

If you read the reviews from the link you put in, you will see a lot of comments about poor picture quality.
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