Yellow lines when I move screen?


Feb 15, 2009
A couple weeks ago I noticed some yellow lines across my screen. It started out as some vertical lines on the side borders on Facebook. Then I started to notice it did it on other websites so it wasn't just Facebook it was my laptop. Now it has gotten worse and it has these thin yellow lines over the entire screen.

It only happens when I move the screen of my laptop though, so I can manage to tweak the screen to a position where it doesn't happen. Makes me think its a wiring problem to the laptop screen since it comes and go based on the position of the screen.



May 24, 2012
If you are determined to do the work yourself and not take it to a shop, I'd start by looking for a service manual for your laptop. You can start by ebaying the cables if they are replaceable and then just swapping those out (since they are usually the cheapest parts to buy.)

It could also very well be the LCD itself. I've seen quite a few of those too. Most laptops aren't super hard to take apart if you are comfortable working on computers in general and have a good service manual. Good luck!
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