Review YI-KAMI Cameras

Aug 31, 2023
Buyers beware: Purchased camera on Amazon- it fell apart, sent it back, got a replacement where sound does not work properly. My son purchased a camera years before for me, that one has sound issues also. Supposed to be able to talk to my dogs thru it, that sound does not work properly but sends a horrible loud garbled sound. This camera will make loud sounds out loud occasionally, not good for close neighbors especially during night time/very early morning hours. To try to fix the many error issues I have had, I have done resetting of both cameras a number of times and sometimes they work for a minute but then soon quit working again. The cameras pick up stupid little things like leaves blowing, sometimes nothing at all but most the time they won’t pick up my dogs moving in the area. They will pick up sounds of airplanes/trains but not my dogs barking, and sometimes there are sound alerts but there is nothing there in the videos. I have played around and experienced with different settings with the cameras and still same results. I have two cameras for outdoors, attached up high, I cannot easily reach them for resetting purposes without a ladder. But in resetting, cameras are very poorly designed. If you have to reset your internet/Wi-Fi password, you have to go thru this awful resetting process for each camera again. Physically to reset you have to unattach them from the location they are attached to and take off this very tiny cover with the most tiniest of screws ever that often fall out and disappear and then you have to resort to buying new ones if you can find them or taping the cover shut which is not the best for weather proofing. Once you push the reset button you have to go thru the entire connecting to the Wi-Fi system which is such a pain and very time consuming and for me I had to actually figure out how to print out a paper copy of the scan square for the cameras to read it for resetting purposes (it would not pick it up from my phone screen). Then you have to spend a long time trying to set your viewing area again to the exact boundaries you want the camera to pick up. Another negative feature that I have complained about with no positive fix or results: Yi/Kami puts across viewing screen date/time/alert title blocking view that the camera is supposed to be seeing. None of that information needs to be there while viewing and if that information is important to someone it can also be found other places. Seems like time/date are duplicated on the viewing screen as well, 2 different formats/places. Trust me, don’t buy these cameras-they are junk! The company does NOT value their longtime customers by taking away features that came with the original cameras and making them pay for those features. Just discovered by asking:

Are you no longer allowing me to view the 6 second motion videos without a paid plan?

This is the reply to me:
Ranjiv (YI)
Aug 31, 2023, 09:35 PDT
Hello Susan,

Thank you for contacting Kami Vision and YI Support.

We're sorry for any frustration this may have caused you. Kami Vision has made a business decision concerning notifications.
6-second notifications are now a paid feature with our Kami cloud plans.

We greatly value your trust and confidence and sincerely appreciate your loyalty to our business.

to Kami
No, you have lost my future business and trust or anything in you! You will now NEVER be considered for any future plan whatsoever. And if I do need to replace cameras again, I will never ever purchase one thru your company based on past camera problems but this decision of yours to stop the 6 second videos and make me pay for them, which I can NOT afford ANYTHING; this one is the final decision maker. This decision should have been for new plans, not the old ones! Not for those customers who bought their cameras knowing that the 6 second videos were part of the camera system! That is a very wrong unethical business decision lacking integrity and I will be more than happy to let others know my feelings about this and about Kami's feelings about their customers! Again another example of business greed for money over customer appreciation, loyalty and satisfaction! Next, I have 2 cameras and both are crap and have never worked properly, even after many times of customer service complaints and time troubleshooting and resetting. And about the resetting, I have a ton of complaints to pass on to future potential buyers and I will! SLC