Yoga 710 i7 model?


Sep 29, 2016
Hi, I've been looking around for touchscreen laptops at around the £700 price range. Convertibles aren't too important to me, but it seems if you want a touchscreen you're going to end up with one anyway.

One of the machines I'm quite keen on is the Yoga 710, though the review on this site is only for the i5 version with a dedicated GPU, whereas in the UK we have a model with an i7-6500U instead and the standard Intel Graphics 520. Any chance any of you have experience with that configuration and could perhaps give some thoughts on it?

I'm also quite interested in the UX360CA with an Intel Core M5 processor, but I'm not sure how well it will meet my needs. While generally I won't be doing many intensive tasks, there may be times when I am and I assume the 710 is far more powerful than the m5-6Y54 in that regard. Am I right? I've not really followed the M line of processors too closely.

Thanks for reading


Jun 17, 2016
now I say for the yoga because I been looking in to those because i been needing a new laptop. The i5 with the dedicated gpu not that off by the i7 with the intel 520 gpu it depends what you plain to do if you doing more work or business and don't plain to game much then the i7 much more your thing and if you do plain to game and do some graphics stuff then the i5 with the dedicated gpu for you, and the cpu I say are not really far apart is they both dual cores with 4 logical processors it just the i7 can handle a little more work load, and 520 you can game on it because it like an apu but way more powerful but the details are the greatest.