You think it's dead?


Aug 18, 2013
So I traded a Gamecube for my friends broken laptop. He gave it to his friend for something and his friend said how he turned it on one day and it just stopped displaying anything.

I got it and looked up the name of it and black screen. Found some videos saying how the GPU overheated which would make sense since it's fairly old and people think it's smart to suffocate a laptop and they were showing how they used a hair dryer to heat it up. Conveniently their models of the laptop had the GPU next to where the fan was so they just heated it up there. Sadly the one I had did not.

I took it apart instead of doing basic trouble shooting first and then used the hair dryer on it... well... while using the hair dryer I saw a blue spark come off of the GPU from one of the things that were sticking out of the top of it...

So what are your thoughts? This was a year and a half ago and I was thinking of taking it out and attempting to fix it again.