Your best laptop suggestion


Jan 2, 2014
Hi guys,

I am now ready to buy a new personal laptop and while I search and search, I would also like your best suggestions. I have an alright idea of what I want and I have been playing around on pcspecialist too.

What I will use it for: I currently own a XPS 15 l502x and I have used this for gaming (mainly LoL) and apart from that just general stuff like watching films, downloading, playing music and doing work. I am also, in my spare time, building a desktop and I am going to make this my gaming machine in the end. So I'm not looking to spec this too high towards gaming but I would still like to be able to play League of Legends comfortably.

Budget £600-800
Intel based
SSD - I want this to be super fast, so a fairly large SSD is required
14-15" screen
GPU - This is where I'm mainly a little stuck. I need to be able to play League of Legends comfortably like said above
Sound - The sound quality and volume needs to be really good too. I play a lot of music from my laptop

Other bits: I would like a backlit keyboard. Needs to be quite light too.

I think that is the main stuff, your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :)
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