YouTube TV vs YouTube Red: How They Differ

Ebony Lorenz

Mar 11, 2017
Hi Henrycasey,

Do you know? there is latest update about Youtube that GOOGLE has just contracted with the “skinny bundle” TV war with YouTube TV, a paid subscription service that creaks a slew of premium broadcast and cable networks to various devices such as mobile device, tablet, computer, and anything with Chromecast.
Just $35 a month can make you enjoy six accounts and access to live TV from more than 40 providers including the big broadcast networks, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks. Subscriptions also involve cloud DVR with unlimited storage, AI-powered search and personalization, and access to YouTube Red programming. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki called it the evolution of television, and a bid to “give the younger generation the content that they love with the flexibility they expect.”

I hope you would find it interesting and helpful enough.

The Paladin

one is free and bandwidth limited, the other is a subscription. like netflicks, hulu etc.
everyone though leaving cable tv was going to make their internet TV free, now all the web sites are charging you individually and in time will cost more than cable :p


Sep 25, 2017
13 sports channels so I can see the NFL take the knee. No I boycott all sports. 3 news. E channel and some I never heard of. local news. ha we get one 120 miles away from here. for 35 dollars. no. BBC AMERICA has 2 shows on a day . each for up to 12 hours. I pay just a few dollars more for cable and get over 70 channels and not 13 or more are sports.
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