ZEN 8GB No Longer Turns On


May 28, 2009
So I know you'll be saying "ask the guys over at the creative forum" and I did. Only thing is I've posted two things there and only gotten one response for each so I'm bringing it here where I know I can get the best help possible.

I pulled my ZEN out of my backpack to listen to some tunes while in class and found, a little suprisingly, that it wouldn't turn on. I figured quickly that maybe it had turned on in my backpack and the battery had drained so when I got home I plugged it into my computer and the blue led lit up, slowly pulsing blue. Nothing else on the player turned on. Later that night I pulled it off my computer and had just a black screen but the ZEN was on, no biggy seeing as how that happened pretty often. I pushed reset and since then the ZEN has refused to turn on. If I leave it alone for a few days I can plug it in and the LED will light up and pulse. I don't really log how long it stays lit up for but after a while it stops, I cannot get it to do anything while its lit up and, obviously, while it isn't. I say a few days because if I try to plug it in sooner, it won't light up. So has anyone had any experience with this kind of problem? I wouldn't normally be too concerned and would've just gone out and got another except for the fact that I have a considerable amount of music on it and some of the songs I have on it, I do not have on my computer. If there is anyway I can bring it back to life or anyway I can get my music off it please, please let me know.

Link my post on the creative forum : http://forums.creative.com/t5/MP3-Players/ZEN-8GB-No-Longer-Turns-On/m-p/542064#M230676
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