Zenbook, local laptop repair or return to Asus?


Jan 17, 2012
My Asus Zenbook UX32A has taken a fall and now the hinge(s) of the screen have become loose so that when using it the screen will fall/tilt backwards all on its own.


Above: obviously the laptop is not supposed to be used vertically, but that video demonstrates the fault which causes it to tilt backwards even when horizontal on a table or my lap.


Above: this is what could happen over time if not repaired.

Below two pictures of the of a dent in the casing of the hinge, and two pictures of what the other side looks like which is undamaged.

The speaker which between the hinges horizontally and between the screen and the rest of the laptop also moves slightly when pressed, just on one side, the side without the dent.

On the same size the power lead is plugged in, and now does not charge properly unless moved around in a certain way - this of course could just be a faulty cable, but with everything else going on I suspect it is all related.

When just the dent was the problem I had planned to open it up myself and try to hammer it out with a small rubber jeweller's hammer, but now with the power issue, and the speaker moving when touched I think I am better taking it to a professional - either back to ASUS in the UK or a local laptop repair place in Dublin.

This Zenbook cost me around €900, Asus will probably keep it longer and charge more, but I believe they will fix it perfectly because after all they built it. They will probably also opt to replace the entire lower aluminium panel which is the entire bottom of the laptop rather than repair the small dent in it - this will also add to the price.

Going local I fear not as good a job will be done, I do not think ASUS have any authorised repair partners, I will not have as much redress if something goes wrong, they may never have repaired an ASUS Zenbook, or a UX32A with these specific problems, I might end up dealing with a cowboy, and they will probably void my ASUS warranty etc.

What do you think? Any idea what sort of fee I am looking at either way? I think ASUS want £25 just to examine it.
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