Question Zenbook UX501j motherboard won't charge the battery, can I bypass it?

May 15, 2019
So there is somewhat of a backstory. Originally my problem was a broken pin in the AC plug attached to the motherboard. My solution was to solder wires from the terminals to a separate ac plug i bought off amazon for a few dollars (I did this after realizing how difficult it would be to remove the AC plug without the proper equipment). This worked like a charm for a few weeks. Unfortunately I stood up without taking my earbuds out and dragged the laptop off of the table while it was connected to the charger. One of the positive wires detached internally under the force. I re-soldered it but the motherboard isn't transferring charge to the battery now. I'm assuming it did some damage to the motherboard from the 19V wire floating around, but nothing obvious. I confirmed the charger and pins are receiving power but there is no power going to the battery. Other than not charging, the laptop is still functioning normally.

Considering the cost of a replacement motherboard versus a new computer I would say that this is totaled for me. I'm not afraid to ruin it more.

I was wondering if it would be possible to wire the ac adapter directly to the battery. Normally I would say it isn't possible, but it has an internal battery with it's own IC and the incoming pins are supposed to be at 19V (known from testing the MB). Is there some reason I shouldn't try charging the battery without the motherboard? The only thing I can think of is that the Nvidia GPU probably draws power separately from the ac adapter, in which case can I wire directly to it as well? Any advice?