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can i use a translator program,app or software from a second device like it was hearing a coversation from another device but really its a video?
(i'm askin for Andriod users but in theory it should work for all as long you have the right translator and a 2nd device handy?)
As a Legal Nurse Expert, I know alot about "standards of care" for humans (and Diabetic dogs) but lack the terminology and expertise when working with PC problems.I am thankful to computer tech experts online and often donate to them due to the great help provided to me over 10 years..thanks!!!
Don't ask questions concerning Facebook. This forum, more than likely, tells everyone who does "we're not facebook, ask facebook."
Hi. I'm almost 70 years old, and I love computers, although I started using them only about 20 years ago. I think of them as real living beings, and I become emotionally attached to them. I've gotten more grief than good from tech support, so I do a lot of research, and manage to fix ailing machines, myself. Almost everything I've learned has come from internet research and forums.
I am wanting to know how to remove the key lock from a viano tv without the remote
I have a viano tv MODEL LTV32HD that currently has a key lock on it. I need to know how to remove the lock without the remote
You'd get more help if you created a thread not post the problem on your profile.
Writing is always good and being a blogger, I love to writing on computer security.. Actually, it is a endless topic because every new day comes with flood of virus, threats, malware and other suspicious code. In this tech growing world, the risk of cyber attack is also increased drastically. So, I have so many thing to research and write on my blog..
I am needing someone that can advise me on how to remove a key lock from my tv without the remote
Can somebody tell me why my ps3 wont connect connect to my mobile hotspot and has Nat type 3 on my normal internet-wifi i have tried lan internet same thing,but theres nothing wrong with the internet...My ps3 used to connect to the same hotspot like 2weeks ago and now it cant it just throws an error code,and now its nat type 3 and i get 0 people lobbies in gta 5.
Nat type 2 like 2 weeks ago...
"Modern science says: 'The sun is the past, the earth is the present, the moon is the future.' From an incandescent mass we have originated, and into a frozen mass we shall turn. Merciless is the law of nature, and rapidly and irresistibly we are drawn to our doom."

Nikola Tesla
Well done, Waynezo! I have a WD-62628 that requires a main board to function again. I had the same blue screen as you, but cancelled out of it and watched TV fine...until the repairman from Mitsubishi came and now the TV won't even turn on! Can you tell me where you got the main board, and any tips to share in swapping out the bad one for a new one?
I did not set up this account. it was done without my knowledge.
I think it was a trouble maker on a Mustang forum, when there was chaos one day.
How can i dis-associate myself from this forum?

I found several others.