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Retired, do tv and electronic repair at home, mostly it's a hobby, got to keep the old brain active!
Remember to always be;
1)Thankful ???
2) Honest?
3)KIND (extremely important)??
  1. Humble??
  3. Selfless??
  4. Sensible ✔
  5. Listen ??
  6. Participate ?
  7. Trustful?

By Farhaanah V ??
“Be who you want to be but never be something that you will never, be proud of and other people even though YOU do what makes you happy.” [By Farhaanah V]???:):eek:(y):hearteyes:
Which camera to choose to begin with? (both videomaking and photography) [check the opened thread on my profile]

I saw your post regarding your Aero with a gtx 1060 both here and in the Nvidia forums. I have the same issue and have not been able to solve it. If you are able to please let me know!

I get a 20% drop when using the internal display, i cant seem to find a reason or people talking about it either. Maybe people havent noticed?

You are not alone buddy, ill keep looking

I have been a graphics designer for 4 years. I was 20 when I fell in love with graphics design
and this relationship still continues. My first design was a website for friend of mine.
I was very satisfied with it and thought how brilliant and modern it was.
can i use a translator program,app or software from a second device like it was hearing a coversation from another device but really its a video?
(i'm askin for Andriod users but in theory it should work for all as long you have the right translator and a 2nd device handy?)
As a Legal Nurse Expert, I know alot about "standards of care" for humans (and Diabetic dogs) but lack the terminology and expertise when working with PC problems.I am thankful to computer tech experts online and often donate to them due to the great help provided to me over 10 years..thanks!!!