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My acer laptop power and charge lights flashing ....

I removed battery and only AC sourced I connected laptop working

I am unable to find charger or battery which is problem?

Without charger battery working, without battery charger working....when both together flashing and not charging...please tell me what to replace ?
Hello, I posted a thread upon confirmation of my email, yet there is no record of it. Why? No matter where it posted it should show in my postings, right? Was it deleted? I did not violate any rules, never.
I don't see any threads you have created(deleted or not). Try posting it again.
Hi. Saw a post from 2016 regarding viewing your DVDs on a computer. Were you able to figure it out? I need help with it
I'm sorry, I deleted my message of thanks because I thought I put it in the wrong place. I'm a bit confused on here. Anyhow, Thank-You for the 'like' on my post on the question "cut the cord." It's much appreciated.
A forum works by you responding to threads, offering assistance, where you provide advice or ask questions to lead to a resolution/recommendation. Members don't contact you to solve their issues.
I know, I just wanted to tell them can ask for help
I bought some wireless ONN earbuds a month or two ago and I lost one a couple weeks back and could only use the right earbud up until recently. Whenever I put them both in the charging case, only the left one decided to charge. I don't know why the right one is no longer charging and I don't know if there is a battery that I can change. Can someone please help me figure out what is wrong with my earbuds? Thank you.
Try posting in the Audio section of the forum for better exposure with other members.

hi I found this community so helpful to novices and experts alike. My work is related to copiers and laser printers but my new found interest is in computers and especially laptops. Hope to help and get help here.
I just went through registering and confirming and finding this spot to write to say. I have read all your writing on the differences between lasers and inkjet printers. Now I know that I want a laser. So again, I went through all this time so I could commend you on such a helpful and easy to understand info. I'll be back for more when I need it on other products.
Thanks again,
Larry Ellis.
Lover of all things musical. Lover of dance. Admirer of words. Fanatic and respecter of animals. <3
Hi, when my TESCO HUDL Android tablet is OFF Adb can access and returns devices , but as soon as I power it ON it exits Adb !!!

is that normal ?
You should post your question here to get better input from the community:

Hello, you commented on my thread suggesting I try Zorin Lite--thanks--installed it but by default is ethernet which I cannot connect it to & can't get the wifi to work; have you used yours with wifi, and if so can you explain to me how you got it working? I put my ssid, password etc but nothing...

Recently you are linking my account to your topics, but I'm not staff member.

Check it to fix it.

Thank you.
Kindly explain how to fix it
My name is Neeraj Sati, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience
hi, do you still have the Alexa issue with your Yamaha 209? I expierence the same issue and wanted to check if you maybe found a solution?
My name is Alisa and as a brief introduction to myself, I am an online researcher and IT expert. Looking forward to meet more of you guys.
i need help with this biostar bios downloading thing, so everytime i try to download my bios update utillity( biostar a320mh) this notice mesage comes up saying "
If your motherboard support BIO-UNLOCKING function, please try to load BIOS optimized default before update BIOS.
Download" and idk what to do so pls help me and im trying to update it because im updating my cpu to ryzen 3 3300x. pls help me i beg
Thanks for your reply. I pretty much figured out what you said in your reply. This is just no way to hook up that equalizer. The bass on this receiver is not that great and that why I asked the question. I'm a former electronic tech working on TVs, stereos, video cameras, tape recorders, etc., but that was in 1986! A lot has happened since then that I'm not qualified to work on for sure. Thanks again.