10 Best Advanced Tips for Stardew Valley

Many people play Stardew Valley with amazing regularity. Whether you’re new or you’ve logged many hours on the game, here are ten pro tips for you that you might not know about. These will not only make the game more enjoyable, but will also make your game better.

1. Time is the most valuable resource in the game. Be very careful where you invest your time. The more carefully you spend your time; the better off you will be. For example, feeding the animals: it would be more efficient to simply buy the fodder from Marnie's ranch than growing your own every season.

2. Plan everything, and I do mean everything. Planning can help you in the long run. A weekly routine will greatly help you. It will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Set routines according to the game. If it’s raining, then fish. If it’s sunny, then farm your land.

3. Beginners usually have a harder time in Stardew Valley. A player needs to spend resources more carefully in the earlier days, and that philosophy sometimes gets stuck in your mind. Don’t worry about your finances - spend money in the game. Remember, spending money makes you money in the long run.

4. One of the essential tips is that animals in Stardew Valley don’t die. While it is still important and more productive to take care of your animal stock, you don’t need to check up on them every day. Some days, you can leave the animals alone and nothing bad will happen.

5. The more you will play the game, the more you will realize that it is far easier and far more productive in the long run to simply buy things than to gather them.

6. Winter is not ideal for farming. It takes a long time to properly unlock the greenhouse property, which would allow you to farm in the winter. Though, some crops can be farmed in winter - namely winter seed. It will grow in the winter, just as any other crop will grow in other seasons.

7. If you’re not farming your land in the winter, then it is a good time for redesigning your farm. Never let a resource go to waste – use the winter time as productively as possible to make your farm more efficient.

8. The game often gifts you rewards upon reaching certain milestones. If you are not interested in using the reward at that time, than you can sell them back. Don’t worry, if you ever need to use it, you can buy it back. Selling these rewards gives you additional resources to use.

9. Barns are weird in the Stardew Valley. They are bigger on the inside than they appear. These barns can store a lot more amount of crops than animals. Storing animals in a fully upgraded barn is a waste of time and resources.

10. One of the least known tips in Stardew Valley is that you can use the placed tiles to zone off areas. This comes especially handy when protecting assets.

Even if you are a pro at this game, you might find these tips helpful to improve your gameplay and advance more quickly.

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