10 Tips To Improve Facebook Security


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the leading social media network in the world. Of course, some people created the accounts just to play the games on Facebook, but that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of users also use their Facebook account to access other websites or applications.

That basically means that to a lot of people, their Facebook account has become something that they use and rely on every day. This means that securing your account and improving the security is of utmost importance. So, without further ado, here are 10 tips to improve your Facebook security.

    ■ This one is going to sound generic, but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t take this seriously.Use a strong password. There are still a lot of “password”, “qwert”, and similar passwords out there, which are really easy to figure out.

    Use a two-factor authenticator. You can set this up in the security and login section of your account settings (see the image at the top of this tutorial). With this enabled, apart from the password, you’ll also need a code (which you can get from your phone) to login.

    Choose several trusted friends to contact, if you get locked out. This is actually an option you can find in the security and login, just check the image if you’re not sure how to get there. This way if you ever get locked out of your account, your friends can help you log back in.

    Secure your posts. When you post something, you can restrict who can see that post.


    ■ You can also Restrict people from seeing the posts where you’ve been tagged. A neat option which gives you more control in the posts that you’re involved with.


    ■ Another thing to do is to Block people from seeing your friends list. You can change this by going to your profile, clicking on Friends, clicking on the pencil icon and then on Edit Privacy.


    ■ Again in the security and login, you can enable the option to Get alerts when your account gets used from a device you’re not familiar with.

    ■ Also, in the Timeline & tagging, you can turn on the option to Review the posts where you’ve been tagged before they show up on your timeline


    ■ You can Block yourself from showing up on search engines. You can do this in the Privacy section of your account settings.


    ■ Turn off the option Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?. You can find this in Face Recognition section of your account settings.


These are just some of the things you can do to increase Facebook security, so make sure to do some research and see what else can you do. Don’t take your security lightly and be careful at all times.
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