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  1. Kassy96

    Question Help, my email and Facebook account got hacked

    My email address got hacked, or rather there's been a leak. Besides some other sites, they also got access to my Facebook account. Facebook banned me because of violating the guidelines. I tried getting support but there's been some problems with the 'I got hacked' button, so I chose that I...
  2. Cavefender

    Question Facebook account hacked and suspended - lost access to business page. Please Help.

    Hi all, new here but hope someone can help, I received an email from Facebook to say "did you just log in from a new device from Leeds" (I'm in Cambridge) I very promptly then changed my password within 7 mins of receiving the email, when I then went to log in with the new password it said my...
  3. rodion15

    Question Help needed to recover my Facebook account

    I restored my Android phone and from there I couldn't use Facebook any more, as I used the phone to do the Two-Factor Authentication. I tried uploading my passport on the phone and on three computers (Android phone, Mac and Windows) by taking a picture with the device camera, but it won't work...
  4. D

    Solved! facebook account was locked- link and pass for unlocking doesn't work

    My facebook account was locked for security reasons (maybe hacked, but not sure,because my email and information was not changed) Facebook emailed me a link to unlock my account after I verified my ID. But each time I click on the link it goes to the page that I am blocked and I need to do the...
  5. O

    Question Facebook Issue

    What am I to do if my Facebook has been hacked and I go through the process. And I receive (You have tried entering too many codes. Try again later.)
  6. T

    Question Facebook not sending security check SMS, please help

    Hello, i have a 11 year old FB account and last week FB say to me i need to do the security check, i just need to click on send code by SMS and then continue step by step. But after a few times i tried and still no SMS came with the code, the message came out, to many tries, please try again...
  7. Viper576

    Question Facebook not sending security code

    Every time I click send code nothing happens. I have tried every day for 3 days now and I can't get it to work. I need access to my facebook it is the only way I can talk to my elderly parents in the states and it also took away access to every game I had linked to Facebook and some I have used...
  8. P3triix

    Question I have no longer access to my old number

    My facebook is asking for a code but it's being send to my old phone number, what can i do ? I already send a message to support but they never answer, and i don't know how long it takes to they answer.
  9. dc.clint

    Question How do I change my mobile CARRIER on Facebook?

    I changed CARRIERs, but not my number. How do I change just the carrier. I received an email from FB saying texting from them has been disabled because the specified carrier no longer recognizes the number, and to change it--but I don't see where I can change just the carrier.
  10. Mhmadhani

    Solved! Facebook Security Check

    To confirm your identity, we will text a confirmation code to your phone. But there is no number show up? what can i Don in this case? ScreenShot: when i hit continue
  11. admin

    Facebook Bans Huawei From Pre-Installing its Apps

    The ban includes Instagram and WhatsApp, but not user downloads of these apps once they set up the phone. Facebook Bans Huawei From Pre-Installing its Apps : Read more
  12. Ginko-san

    Question Safari downloads random ZIP file

    So, I've been experiencing something weird. Safari has downloaded a random ZIP file twice so far. The download was made while browsing Facebook and WhatsApp respectively. The ZIP file is called 2018-2019.zip and contains an alias. I did not open the alias file, however, the properties window...
  13. PhilipMichaels

    Discussion If Facebook Wants Our Trust, Mark Zuckerberg Must Resign

    Privacy figures to be a big topic of discussion at the upcoming Facebook F8 conference. But does Facebook have any credibility left after so many public blunders? If Facebook Wants Our Trust, Mark Zuckerberg Must Resign : Read more
  14. Z

    Solved! Facebook is not sending me the code for security check

    please help when i tried to log in to my facebook it says that you need a code for security check. Facebook says that it has sent a code to my mobile number but i didn't get the code , Facebook says resend the code & after 1 min i do but still no code , so i cant log in as i have not got a...
  15. P

    Question Missing tabs on EVERY SINGLE Facebook page

    I'm at my wit's end here - I have stopped seeing many of the tabs on Facebook pages I visit. For example, the page of Disney Pixar only has sidebar links for main page, information, photos, videos and info+ads. Gone are links for events, posts, locations etc and this happens on every single page...
  16. Danko74

    Solved! Logging into Facebook

    My facebook account was hacked. I tried logging into account, when second authentication comes up I cannot get logging cold because I no longer I have that cell number that I logged into Facebook. I put in my email account and the wrong Facebook account keeps on coming up. Can't even see or find...
  17. S

    How to unclock fake facebok profil

    I have fake facebok profil I promote clickbank products facebook block my profil in one day how to unblock ???
  18. L

    New phone same number can’t get Facebook page

    New phone same number can’t get back on my Facebook page
  19. R

    my facebook account is bolcked

    how i can unblocked my facebook account
  20. V

    Unable to log in into Facebook due to security check.

    Hi friends. I have binded my free fire account with Facebook. Now Facebook is showing a security check page. It asks for some confirmation code. Even though I have entered the correct number I don't get any code message. Now, the real problem is I can't get into my account. I can't even change...
  21. G

    Facebook Paid Teens to Spy on All Their Chats, Photos, Emails and Location

    The company paid $20 per month to have full access to their phones, including screenshots of their Amazon purchase activity. Facebook Paid Teens to Spy on All Their Chats, Photos, Emails and Location : Read more
  22. N

    Didn’t receive my confirmation code on my phone number to open my facebook

    I didn’t receive the facebook code on my mobile phone and im sure of the mobile number. Please help what should i do? how can i have access to my account again?
  23. M

    comments are not shown on facebook

    Hi there i made a webpage and used the comments app from facebook but when people write down a comment it will not show on the facebook page it has been linked to . It will only show in their own facebook page what do i do wrong website is = Removed by Moderator.
  24. M

    How do i unblock pages

    Would'nt let me go on facebook
  25. N

    It’s not sending the code for the code generator to your iPhone

    I make it to the code generator but it won’t send me the code and it’s not letting me in Facebook
  26. N

    Please open my Facebook id

    My Facebook Proble, Thank you Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can
  27. H

    Solved! My thread got removed

    I posted a thread about strange disposable emails appeared in Facebook login tab in security section of this forum. Now I no longer see it. A member named COLGeek removed it. I don't know why. In my thread I embedded a hyperlink to Youtube and imgbox.com. There is no regulation in this site...
  28. H

    Solved! Strange disposable emails appeared on my Facebook log-in box, then my account got disabled, and my PC functions abnormally

    I have some Facebook accounts. Yesterday, after using one of my Facebook accounts with Brave Browser, I closed the browser and turned my PC into sleep mode for 6 hours. It's worth mentioning that Brave Browser keeps all tabs and log-in status intact even when the browser is closed. After 6...
  29. M

    How Facebook Scammed Kids with ‘Friendly Fraud’ Games

    Newly released court documents indicate that Facebook knowingly took advantage of kids to profit from freemium games. How Facebook Scammed Kids with ‘Friendly Fraud’ Games : Read more
  30. W

    Facebook password help please

    Currently signing in on Facebook with one tap mode on. Photo on phone can't remember my Gmail account I signed up with or password have tried and have no trusted contacts I believe my account may have been hacked not sure can't get my password or old Gmail address some how I don't want to make a...
  31. D

    Facebook Employees Caught Giving Portal 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

    At least three employees were caught publishing the reviews, according to reports. Facebook Employees Caught Giving Portal 5-Star Reviews on Amazon : Read more
  32. M

    Most Americans Still Don't Know Facebook Tracks Them

    Facebook lets advertisers see your politics, hometowns, ethnicity, marital status and more -- but most American users have no idea. Most Americans Still Don't Know Facebook Tracks Them : Read more
  33. O

    I logged into my account and Facebook said I should verify my identity using my mobile number,I did but I am yet to get a code

    I logged into my account and Facebook said I should verify my identity using my mobile number,I did but I am yet to get a code
  34. L

    New phone, same number. How do I transfer my Facebook onto my new phone please?

    I have a new iphone but kept the same number and don’t know how to reinstate my Facebook account. Can you help please?
  35. R

    How to reactivate my facebook account

    I deactivated my fb account since 2017 amd now i want it back
  36. N

    Solved! Is this webbshop legit ?

    Hey there i recently broswed a shop i found from a facebook ad. Can you guys tell if it's legit or not ? dualsmok . com
  37. decipherzonesoftware

    Facebook is unable to post my website link, Why ?

    Hi, I am trying to post my website link on Facebook but not able to do it. When i post my weblink i found a message on screen "Can't download, Could not retrieve data from URL" Here is my website : <<Link removed by moderator.>> What should i have to do ? Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  38. H

    Forgot Facebook Password

    I had a facebook account made by a phone No. naw I forgot the password of that account and the phone No. register to that account so is there any way to recover my Account
  39. M

    Solved! Get my Emerson tablet stop freezing up

    Emmerson tablet freezing up on Facebook messenger how. Do i fix it
  40. M

    Don’t Use Facebook? Facebook Tracks You Anyway

    New report details how dozens of Android apps share user data with Facebook, even if you don't have a Facebook account. Don’t Use Facebook? Facebook Tracks You Anyway : Read more
  41. C

    Solved! How to open full facebook site on android phone?

    Hi, Sometimes I need to access the actual full facebook site because I can’t do everything through the APP. Facebook automatically redirects all mobile web browsers to go to their mobile version. What to do?
  42. J

    Solved! My Facebook icon dissapeared from my phone and inter drawer how can I get it back

    Facebook icons gone from my phone totally I need to get it back on my phone please
  43. H

    need serious Help!

    Hi, I need desperate help! I have a buisness instagram account as subaksigns, and also 2 facebook pages, one facebook page is an old one that i used for connecting with friends and one is for my buiness which then a has a page for my buisness. I tried connecting my Instagram with my facebook so...
  44. H

    Solved! Plugin to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media account

    Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that would enable people in my wordpress website to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, etc) and that I’ll be able to set it up so when people sign up with the social media accounts their contact info will automatically...
  45. C

    I need help desperately, I have not been on Facebook for a bit and have changed mobile num its asking me for a code but I don'

    Can anyone please help?? I don't have my old number anymore to get the code..does Facebook have anyone I can speak to? Or can anyone help please?
  46. P

    facebook account keeps getting disabled

    Facebook keeps disabling my accounts, I have tried a new phone number, using a virtual machine, using a vpn from another country and it's still keeps blocking me. I need facebook for business and can't go without it. I also use CCLeaner to clear cookies before going on my browser and after then...
  47. M

    How can we spy on whats app & facebook messenger calls

    Does anyone know best app or spy software without any spams to spy listen & record whatsapp & facebook messenger calls on andriod phone. Note: I am after voip calls spying only at the moment. I check other software they r giving too much information.
  48. R

    this site can't be reached in any browser for facebook and youtube only how to fix this?

    looking for someone to help me fix this issue .
  49. henrytcasey

    Here's How It Feels to Delete Your Facebook Account

    Ready to quit Facebook, but worried about what might happen? Here's what happened when one of our writers deleted their account. Here's How It Feels to Delete Your Facebook Account : Read more
  50. G

    From Bad to Worse: Facebook Let Other Companies Read Your Private Messages

    Even with maximum privacy settings, Facebook still let companies access users' information, and that of their Facebook friends. From Bad to Worse: Facebook Let Other Companies Read Your Private Messages : Read more
  51. G

    Meet the AI That Could Solve Facebook's Bug Problem

    To make sure Facebook’s app works fine, there’s a huge amount of engineering involved behind the scenes. Meet the AI That Could Solve Facebook's Bug Problem : Read more
  52. M

    Facebook's Photo Bug: How to See If You Were Exposed

    An API bug exposed millions of users' private Facebook photos to third-party apps. Here's how to check if you were impacted. Facebook's Photo Bug: How to See If You Were Exposed : Read more
  53. D

    Facebook not sending SMS Codes for Security Check

    My 500k follower fb got security check locked and like it's saying that it needs to send a SMS Code to my phone number i click ok they never send the code, and I believe i just lost my page forever
  54. B

    Im unable to login facebook because im not getting authentication code to my mobile

    Im unable to login my facebook account bcz im nt getting the code for my mobile
  55. Z

    Messenger account, made using a phone number, is broken after using same phone number for new facebook account or tinder

    My messenger works on my phone through my phone number. It is not connected to a Facebook account. People cannot send me messages anymore, and if i send one, it shows that it's not sending. The "waiting for connection" banner shows up for 5 seconds and then disappers. This happendend after i...
  56. G

    Facebook's Next Big Move is to Predict Where You're Going Next, According to New Patents

    Three different patents filed by the company show how it thinks it could guess your next destination. Facebook's Next Big Move is to Predict Where You're Going Next, According to New Patents : Read more
  57. P

    Block my facebook

    The number that I used to open Facebook was stopped, but my Facebook is now blocked. When I open I'm asking for 6 digit code but my phone does not have a SIM card. How can I get the code? Will not my facebook open,?
  58. T

    can i use facebook to login to my lost coc account?

    hello i have a th7 coc account connected to Facebook but my phone broke and i dont remember the login can i use Facebook to login??? is it possible please help
  59. A

    OSED I forget my fb password nd lost my sim card how i get my account back

    I don't know my facebook password.. I lost tha number listed in fb so how can re open that?